Sunday, January 24, 2010

Christmas Gifts Updated

So I know this update is super super late, but I thought I 'd post it anyway cause I'll probably forget by next year. Since my last post gave ideas I wanted to try, I thought I'd show you what I actually tried. I ended up making a few sets of countdown blocks and they turned out really cute. I definitely like this idea, and still need to make one for our own house. Since my husband gave me an awesome Cricut for Christmas this project will be much easier next time. No more little tiny scissors to do the cutting!
My next idea for neighbor gifts worked really well, and was easy to keep on hand. I made a chocolate cake roll and filled it with store bought mint-chip ice cream. Then I wrapped it nicely with tin foil and added some cute ribbon and Christmas picks from Michaels. Then I stored it in the freezer until I needed it. This was really tasty and actually pretty quick to do.

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