Thursday, September 22, 2011


So after a long long hiatus, I have returned to blogging. The kids have started school, so I actually have a few minutes to myself these days! My oldest daughter started Kindergarten this year, so I decided to continue on with the German tradition that my Mom did for us. Schultüten! These are large cardboard cones decorated and filled with sweets and toy, anything you like. I put candy, a few school supplies and mini Play-Doh in ours. Mine turned out a little larger than planned, don't be deceived, they are not totally filled. Basically I filled up the empty space with tissue paper.
Children in Germany traditionally receive these when they start Kindergarten. The other kids in the family get a small version when it's not their turn to start Kindergarten. The kids usually get these in the morning and get to take them to school and open them there. SInce that is not the way it's done here, we had the kids open them at family home evening the night before school started. They loved it! My mom also sent pictures of my first day, and hers as well. That was really fun for everyone to see. Well, here are the pics of how the Schultüten turned out, and a sketch of how to make one yourself.

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