Saturday, August 22, 2009

My Baby Shower Ideas

I gave a baby shower earlier this summer, and came up with this idea for a decoration. I googled a template for a onesie, then made a white onesie out of cardstock for every letter of the baby's name. I then found three coordinating pieces of cardstock and used them to make the letters of the name. Finally, I attached them to a piece of ribbon with little clothespins from the party store. As an added touch, I took a marker and made little stitch-marks at the top and bottom. I'm not the best photographer, but it turned out pretty cute. I think it would look great to try a pattern for the background and white for the letters too.
Since I don't know too many people who enjoy shower games, I decided it would be fun for everyone to fill their own sugar scrub. To make the sugar scrub you need:
1. Olive Oil
2. Sugar (brown or white-I tried some of both)
3. Your favorite scent of essential oils

I initially found a recipe for the scrub, but ended up adjusting it to what I thought was a good consistency. For an estimate, you will need a 2:1 ration of sugar to oil (so twice as much sugar as oil). Mix all three ingredients together and add as much essential oil as you like.
For the cups, I used Jello Shooter cups from the party store. That way I only had to buy 40, instead of 300 condiment cups, and they were the perfect size. As an added touch, I put a personalized sticker from on the lid of every cup.


  1. are soooo creative and cute. glad to hear you will having fun new blog....good luck!

  2. I love your ideas! I like your new blog!! please, keep the posts coming!