Saturday, February 6, 2010

Sweet No Candy Valentine

As my daughter always comes home from her school parties carrying more cookies and candy than she can hold, I thought it would be fun to try something different. I started with some inspiration from Family Fun and created some of their Crayon Hearts. They used a metal heart-shaped pan which I didn't have, so I thought I would experiment with my plastic heart-shaped ice cube mold from Ikea that I did have. It worked! And my mold didn't even melt :). I think that's probably because I kept the oven temp. to about 200. Here's a shot of my somewhat tedious process of breaking down crayons into little nibs.
After the hearts were finished, I had a great find at Target. In their Valentine's Day section they had a little bag of heart-shaped pads of paper, only $2.50 for 16! Then to tie it all together, I made a simple card in Word and placed it all together in a clear cellophane bag. If you're interested in my template, leave me a note and I'll be happy to send it out to you as I haven't figured out how to post it quite yet.

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  1. so innovative and fresh! i'd love for my future unborn kid to get something useful instead of typical lame candy and boxed cartoon cutout cards.. very very creative, thanks for sharing XD