Monday, September 21, 2009

Fabric Covered Mat

I wanted to cover my bland, cream covered walls with some photos lately and bought these great frames from IKEA. The mats of course came in pretty much the same cream color as my walls. So in order to brighten up the room a bit I decided to cover the mats with colorful fabric.
Here's how you do it:
1. Get a piece of fabric that's as big as your mat plus at least an inch on each side. I just laid my mat on the fabric and cut it to the right size-no measuring needed.
2. Fold the fabric over the outside edges of your mat and if you're me, secure with pieces of tape (I change my mind pretty frequently). If you want to do it more permanently or professionally, spray your mat with adhesive spray and then proceed to cover it.
3. For the middle edges, take scissors and cut into the middle of the fabric (also the middle of the frame). You're basically going to cut a long "X" shape into the fabric, the middle of the X is the middle of the fabric, the points going out to all of the corners.
4. After you cut your X, trim the 4 points so that you only have about an inch or so to wrap around the rest of the mat. Again secure with tape or glue, and you're finished! Replace your picture in the mat and frame.

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